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22nd Annual Photo Contest



 About the Contest:

This annual contest provides an opportunity to bring awareness to the daily life, historic locations and the ever changing landscape of Pawtucket through the lens of a camera. The contest is open to residents and non-residents alike, but the photo must be taken in Pawtucket. After a public call for photo contest themes was advertised in January, “Hiding in Plain Sight” by Louise H. Zacharie of Cumberland was selected. Scroll to the bottom for more information 

Because of the restrictions for safety issues on public spaces, group gatherings and distancing, all photo submissions will be accepted on line this year, and all submitted photos will be on ‘exhibit’ on the City of Pawtucket website.  This will allow participants to safely submit photos for this annual exhibit. 

Contest Rules:

All photo submissions should follow the contest theme. All photos must be taken in the City of Pawtucket within the past year. Only one entry per contestant submitted by the photographer. Photos may be in color or black & white.     All photos must be of good quality, hi-resolution and in JPEG format.  Photos should be emailed to:   Please include your name, address, phone number and title of submission.  All photos will be displayed on the City of Pawtucket website ( during the month of September. The Mayor’s Choice Award will receive a $100 cash prize. First Place will receive a $75.00 cash prize. Second Place will receive a $50.00 cash prize and other remaining winners will receive gift certificates.


Submitted Images for the 2021 Calendar

All photographs posted on this site for the City of Pawtucket Photo Contest are on display as part of the City's Annual Photo Contest exhibit and are on this site strictly for viewing and are not in the public domain.  Photographs are not to be reproduced, copied or used  in any form without seeking permission from the photographer.

#1 - Hiding in Plain Sight      Herb Weiss    Pawtucket, RI


#2 -  Keep It Simple       Anabela Miranda


#3 - When even City Hall fades to the background - Ethan Shorey Cumberland, RI


#4 - Past To Present       LeeAnn Silva   Pawtucket, RI


#5 - You CAN grown CORN in the CITY      Melissa Brennan Pawtucket, RI


#6 - Beautiful Sky    Julie Robert    Pawtucket, RI


#7 - Pawtucket           City Hall             Joan Hausrath      Pawtucket, RI


#8 - The School at the Marina    Heather Delano   Pawtucket, RI


#9 - Fire Setting   Christopher Bailey   Pawtucket, RI


#10  - Flowers in the City        Danny Boone       Pawtucket, RI


#11 - Arch Under Division St. Bridge, Downtown Pawtucket, RI     Sal Guglielmino   Lincoln, RI


#12 - Cool Pawtucket Beverage           Joe Grant       Pawtucket, RI


#13 -  Perfect  Hiding Spot           Shirley Ward     Pawtucket, RI


#14 - Up Above the World So High   Linda Nilan      Pawtucket, RI


#15 - Splendor of Afternoon Light      Alan Roseman     Rehoboth, MA


#16 - Bird on School Street      Juliet Concha    Pawtucket, RI


#17  - Slater Parks New Chair      Thomas Rogers    Pawtucket, RI


#18 - Cluster      Kerri Jacob    Pawtucket, RI


#19 - Naturally Beautiful     Joanne Bonollo    Pawtucket, RI


#20   The Soul of Pawtucket at the Oak Hill Hootennanny   Elaine Sandy   Providence, RI


#21 - Hidden in Plain Sight     Patricia Padula    Pawtucket, RI


#22 - A Door to the Elves World    Dawn Goff    Pawtucket, RI


#25  - Cat Nap    Dianne Theroux    Pawtucket, RI


#23  Rooted in History        Richard Hebert     Pawtucket, RI


#24 - Moon At Slater Mill          Jim Hendrickson    N. Providence, RI


#26 - Under the Saddle                Donna Houle      Pawtucket, RI


#27 - Downtown Pawtucket      Gloria DaSilva    Pawtucket, RI


#28 - Just Part of the Journey     Barbara Fontes     Pawtucket, RI


#29 - Fairy Door       Richard Andrews   Rehoboth, MA


#30 - Hi There      Carol Minton    Pawtucket,  RI


#31 - Watching the Draft         Mary Ellen Minton   Pawtucket, RI


#32 - Stand Proud    Louise Brochu   Pawtucket, RI


#33 - Woodpecker in Tree Hollow - Slater Park    James Frechette   Pawtucket, RI


#34 - Full Moon Rising over Slater Park               Kathy Frechette   Pawtucket, RI


#35 - Path to Spring         Wanda Morais   Pawtucket, RI


#36 - Hidden              Doorway      Paul Dube    Pawtucket, RI


#37  -  Lifeline       Jonathan     Pitts-Wiley        No. Providence, RI


#38 -  Lost Pets       Michael Silva      Pawtucket, RI


#39 - Bill's Cat House            Linda Dugas      Pawtucket, RI


#40 - Beauty in Your Own Backyard        Sandra Gaboriault


#41 - Memorial Park Amphitheater in Infrared            Dan Waterman     Warwick, RI


#42 - Reflection Inspection       Jane Tierney  Pawtucket, RI


#43 - Davies 1st Football Game   Jax Adele Ventura     Pawtucket, RI


#44 - Looking South at the Blackstone River     Maria Levesque     Pawtucket, RI


#45 - Sheltering in Place      Sharon Pedro    Pawtucket, RI


#46 - July 4th  McCoy Stadium      Kevin Wildenhain    Pawtucket, RI


#47 - B&W Dog in B&W Bathroom   Greg Piper     Pawtucket, RI


#48 - Reflections in Life      Edward Leito, Jr.     Pawtucket, RI


#49 - Holding on to Faith, Hope and Love      Louise Zacharie    Cumberland, RI


#50  Hidden Spring       Michelle Coutu   Pawtucket, RI


#51  Tree With A View      Suzanne England     Pawtucket, RI


#52  - A Friend Says Hello    Patrick May   Pawtucket, RI


#S-1     James DaLomba - Baldwin Elementary


#S-2          Emerson Amado    Baldwin Elementary


#S-3                Alaina Harley    Baldwin Elementary


#S-4  Elianna Paez   Baldwin Elementary


#S-5          Madison Vanbever    Curtis School


#S-6             Johnny Viveiros    Curtis School


#S-7            Michael Gomes     Curtis School


#S-8  Gage McGinn    Curtis School


#S-9   Ouriah Edouard     Curtis School


#S-10  Avery Morales    Curtis School


#S-11 Johnny Salazar              Nat. Greene Elementary


#S-12  Gabe         Barbosa            Nat. Greene Elementary


#S-13 SashaDorley     Nat. Greene Elementary


#S-14 _Su-ad  Mariko             Nat. Greene Elementary


#S-15 Ava Paon       Nat. Greene Elementary


#S-16               Mya Reverdes     Nat. Greene Elementary


#S-17              Evan Ventura    Nat. Greene Elementary


#S-18   Ava Parker   Potter-Burns School


#S-19              Rylee Xavier    Potter-Burns Elem.


#S-20  Anthony Fernandes      Potter-Burns School


#S-21  October Rafuse     Potter-Burns School


#S-22  Kenzie Teves  Potter-Burns School


#S-23  Sueteer Morcous    Potter-Burns School


#S-24  Summer Stowik Arteaga Potter-Burns School


#S-25   Aisha Belberd Paniagua     Potter-Burns School


#S-26  Miyah Nieves    Potter-Burns School


#S-27   Xavier Ferreras    Potter-Burns School


#S-28 Tyler Gallant    Potter-Burns School


#S-29 Helena Hemond    Potter-Burns School


#S-30   Alexandria Greenman    Potter-Burns School


#S-31 Johan Otero    Potter-Burns School


#S-32  Madyson Oliveira    Potter-Burns School


#S-33 Regan Pandey   Varieur Elementary


#S-34  Collin Nadeau    Varieur Elementary


#S-35 Alexzandra Morais    Varieur Elementary


#S-36 Lianny Rodriguez    Varieur Elementary


#S-37              Logan Sabourin    Fallon School


#S-38                      Jayden Jacob  Fallon  School


#S-39                 Ella Taylor     Fallon School


#S-40        Ghislaine Journal      Fallon School



About our Judges:

Butch Adams is an award-winning photographer formerly from The Pawtucket Times and recipient of several awards from the National Press Association, the New England Press Association and the RI Press Association for his photography.

Richard Benjamin has been a photojournalist for 34 years, 27 of them at the Providence Journal.  Today he is a “fine art photographer” and has captured various locations many times at different times of the day and in different seasons of the year.  He aspires to capture the magic of Rhode Island, which includes photos that show the lifestyle and how people in Rhode Island enjoy simply living here, which ultimately brings about a greater appreciation for the smallest state in the union.   Richard is also a provider of stock photos of Rhode Island, in addition to publishing several books on his photography.

Christy Christopoulos, a native Rhode Islander born and raised - is a Pawtucket based photographer who opened his studio in 1986.  With over 34 years of experience in photography, he specializes in product and portrait photography and has had the opportunity to work on numerous and exciting accounts as well as all major retail stores.   Some of his accounts include BJ’s, GE,  J.C. Penny, Jareds, Kay Jewelers,  Macys, PaineWebber, Pawtucket Credit Union, Reebok, Target , Walmart and Zayes. He has won several awards for his work, including a number of Kodak gallery awards, Fuji awards, and the Mead paper award.

Peter Goldberg is a Rhode Island based freelance photographer specializing in editorial, assignment and public relations photography. Peter is known for his creative, yet non-obtrusive shooting style and his ability to tell stories and capture people in comfortable and natural ways. Recently Peter has become interested in photographing birds and learning about bird habitats. Peter has had a home and studio in Pawtucket for 20 years.

Aaron Usher is a Rhode Island based commercial photographer specializing in architecture, interiors, and fine-art photography. A 40-year pro, his clients are mainly companies in the building industry, such as architects & interior designers, as well as, web and graphic designers.  This work is used to market his clients’ businesses in magazines, web sites, and company brochures.  Aaron's personal work featuring Ice Abstractions and Unusual Juxtapositions, is exhibited in galleries throughout the region.  He lives in Pawtucket with his wife, Lynn and their golden retriever, Lily.


Some of the themes from past contests have been:

(2019) “Pawtucket Works”; (2018) “Pawtucket:  A Closer Look; (2017) “The Flavor of Pawtucket;  (2016) "Pawtucket’s Color Palette”,  (2015) “Pawtucket:  A Different Perspective, (2014) " Piece of Pawtucket",  (2013) “All in a Day’s Work”, (2012) “The Four Seasons of Pawtucket”, (2011) “Reflections of Pawtucket,  (2010) “Faces of Pawtucket”,  (2009) “Doorways & Gateways in Pawtucket”, (2008) “Paws (or Pause) in Pawtucket”; (2007) “Historic Places in Pawtucket”;   (2006) “Pawtucket People, Places or Things”; (2005) “Discovering Pawtucket”; (2004)  “Taking Pride in Our Neighborhoods”; (2003)  “Pawtucket Mills: Our Past and Our Future” and (2000, 2001, 2002) “Pawtucket: A City in Focus”.


(2019) 21st Annual Photo Contest WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

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