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Tax Payments

Pay your Taxes!

  • Pay by Credit Card
  • A 2.49% service fee will be charged on all credit card payments.
  • If you would like to pay with a check (EFT), the service charge is 1.95 per transaction.
  • If you want to pay by telephone payment call 1-866-547-2312
  • Along with your bill, please have your Tax Account ID and Plat and Lot, or Tax Account ID and Driver's License number ready.

Collection Forms

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Tax Collections Office

The Tax Collections Office is responsible for collecting all municipal taxes and water bills in the city. They also issue municipal lien certificates and answer municipal tax questions. All city money is funneled through the Collection Division and all check disbursements are made via Collections as well

Tax Collector:

Shaun W. Strobel
Extension: 200


Pawtucket City Hall
1st Floor Tax Collections Office - Room 110
137 Roosevelt Avenue
Pawtucket, RI 02860

Phone Numbers:

City Hall Main Number:
(401) 728-0500
Tax Collector's Fax:
(401) 722-2427
Tax Collector's Office:
Extension: 344