City Hall will be closed on the last business day of the week, which will primarily fall on a Friday. Otherwise, City Hall will continue to operate beginning this week from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. by appointment on all business days other than the last business day of the work week. The scheduled closure will not affect Early/In-person Voting for the November 3, 2020 Presidential Election. Anyone wishing to vote can go to the Pawtucket City Hall, 137 Roosevelt Ave, 3rd Floor from Monday through Friday even on days when City Hall is closed due to Workshare. Voters can go from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm until November 2, 2020 (until the 4:00 pm deadline). No appointment is necessary to vote.

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“Windows on Pawtucket” Art to Be Displayed Downtown

 Pawtucket – The Pawtucket Foundation, Art League RI, and the City of Pawtucket are pleased to announce that over 40 works of art will be on display in approximately 15 storefronts throughout downtown Pawtucket. The display, called Windows On Pawtucket, will be kicked off on October 1, 2020 at 3:30 p.m. with a socially distanced showing at the corner of Main Street and East Ave.


“Windows on Pawtucket is adding creativity to Downtown Pawtucket that has been so badly impacted by economic downturns and COVID. The Pawtucket Foundation in collaboration with Art League RI are giving artists, small businesses each and all, a chance to be seen and recognized, and at the same time, giving those in the city and beyond, a gallery-like experience as they walk by,” said Jan Brodie, Executive Director of the Pawtucket Foundation.


Using a $2,000 legislative grant allocated to the project by the City of Pawtucket and secured through the Pawtucket Arts Commission, the Pawtucket Foundation and the Art League RI sought proposals from RI artists to be installed throughout the downtown. Large individual works, multiple works, various mediums, and site-specific installations were all welcomed and local artists and reference to the city’s rich textile history, were encouraged. Successful submissions are exciting, colorful, and engaging, and easily visible to street cars and foot traffic.


“Art League RI is excited to present Windows on Pawtucket in partnership with the Pawtucket Foundation. As Art League RI's first public art project in the City of Pawtucket, we are pleased to bring this "community gallery" to the downtown area. This exhibition represents the outstanding work of many local artists who live in or work in Pawtucket, and we hope this exhibit will add color, vibrancy and interest in the downtown area,” said Ellen Matesanz, Executive Director of Art League RI.


Submitted works have been reviewed by a committee of jurors and selected artwork will be on display from October 1, 2020 to May 15, 2021. Twenty-eight different artists are being featured as part of the display. Funds will be used for prizes to artists and installation supplies.


“I continue to say that Pawtucket is an arts community. Our artists and small businesses are the backbone of who we are,” said Mayor Donald R. Grebien. “I thank the Pawtucket Foundation, Art League RI, Senator Bill Conley, and the Pawtucket Arts Commission for their commitment to our community and to bring beauty through art through our downtown through Windows on Pawtucket. I am excited to see the final results.”




The Pawtucket Foundation (TPF) represents the business and not-for-profit sector of Pawtucket as advocate, problem solver and catalyst to moving forward in the areas of the new commuter rail station, the downtown, and the riverfront. We represent the residents and businesses alike in working with its partners to create an attractive, active and economically viable quality of life and supportive work environment.


Since its organization in 2000, TPF’s work has played a critical role in redevelopment planning and public-private investments that focus on building quality places and spaces in Pawtucket’s downtown, riverfront and transportation gateways. TPFs goal is to bring energy and vitality to a higher level in a city that is rich in creativity, history and opportunity. With a current focus in the downtown sector, the Foundation is working on projects that bring attractive, active, and engaging enhancements to the City's public spaces., and at the same time, supporting the creative, small businesses that make up the foundation of the City.


Art League RI (ALRI) has a 20-year history of supporting artists and the arts. The organization was incorporated with a goal to contribute, encourage and promote integrity and excellence in the arts in Rhode Island. ALRI numbers among its founding members some of Rhode Island's most prominent artists working in a wide range of media from painting to furniture making. Its mission is to provide a venue for the growth and encouragement of artists, to promote high standards in the visual arts, and to encourage community participation and appreciation of the greater Rhode Island arts community.


The membership is deeply committed to the value of visual art in contemporary life and embraces current approaches to curatorial programming, community-building, art education, and outreach to under-served communities. As an all-volunteer organization, ALRI represents over 100 Artist Members, hailing from 32 of the 39 cities and towns throughout the state.

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