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Cicilline, Local Leaders Announce $413K in Federal Funding for Continuation and Expansion of Police Go Team

Cicilline, Local Leaders Announce $413K in Federal Funding for Continuation and Expansion of Police Go Team

 Congressman David N. Cicilline (RI-01) today joined with Family Service of Rhode Island (FSRI), local law enforcement, and local elected officials to announce new federal funding for FSRI’s Police Go Team. Congressman Cicilline secured $413,000 for this program in the recently passed omnibus spending bill. This program was one of the ten community project funding requests that the Congressman made to the Appropriations Committee. All ten of the Congressman’s recommended projects were funded. 

 FSRI’s Police Go Team provides trauma-trained clinicians and liaisons to partner with police to respond, on-scene, to children and families exposed to violence. The objective of the Police Go Team is to prevent the consequences of traumatic events in the lives of children and adults in Providence, Pawtucket, and Central Falls via immediate social service response to violent crime. The collective trauma of COVID-19, and its acute impacts in diverse communities, has heightened the demand for assistance through FSRI Police Go Teams. At the same time, the Police Go Team provides a trauma-informed program that can help bring law enforcement and community members together. The $413,000 provided through the federal spending package for Fiscal Year 2022 will help FSRI Police Go Teams meet increased demand in their service cities for immediate assistance in response to domestic violence, sexual assaults, and other crime scenes, as well as mental health crises. “Founded in 2004 when I was Mayor of Providence, FSRI’s Police Go Team has a proven track record of ensuring that underserved and at-risk communities are served effectively and sensitively by everyone from first responders to police to family service workers. This program is a prime example of how we can best serve our communities, especially when our neighbors most need our support. I’m proud to have been able to secure this funding and will continue to do all I can to support this program and each and every Rhode Islander it serves,” said Congressman Cicilline. "We are thrilled to have this support from Congressman Cicilline, and it comes at a really critical time for the health of our community," said Margaret Holland McDuff, Chief Executive Order, FSRI. "The success our police partnerships have had for victims of crime over the last two decades just underscores the need to expand these services and highlights the immeasurable positive outcomes it fosters when we work effectively together." “Through this critical police partnership and the funding that Congressman Cicilline was able to secure for our Go Teams today, we can continue helping victims simply by listening, reducing trauma and easing the pain of our community when they need it most," said Rachel Caruso, Police Go Team, FSRI “We recognized from the onset the value of this FSRI – PPD partnership and we have grown this model regionally to more effectively serve those in our community in crisis. Seventeen years later, it still remains an integral part of our work in the neighborhoods the we serve,” said Col. Hugh T. Clements, Jr., Chief of Police, Providence Police Department. “The Pawtucket Police Department is happy to see these funds dedicated to Family Services of Rhode Island,” said Acting Public Safety Director Chief Tina Goncalves, Pawtucket Police Department. “We look forward to the continuation of the great work we have started in partnership with the Go-Team to assist the community."“I’ve had the privilege of working closely with Family Service of Rhode Island since 2006 – partnering in response to all types of trauma. It’s clear that when dealing with trauma – from domestic violence to sexual assault – a multi-faceted approach is best, particularly when supporting children and families,” said Col. Anthony Roberson, Chief of Police, Central Falls Police Department. “As police, our focus on safety and bringing perpetrators to justice is just one aspect of our trauma response. The FSRI Go Team consists of true content experts who aid our response by providing immediate support to victims and second-hand victims. They are a tremendous resource to our communities.”  "This is very exciting that there is the opportunity to continue to provide resources for residents through the Family Services of Rhode Island and their Go Team," said Pawtucket Mayor Donald R. Grebien. "Congratulations to Family Services and thank you to Congressman Cicilline for helping us to build upon the framework and the amazing work that has already been accomplished by the Pawtucket Police Department in partnership with the Go Team. It is great to see the expansion of this program that has done so much good so far in addressing traumatic incidents and the emotional wellbeing of those exposed to crime." “In Central Falls, our number one police call is related to domestic violence. It’s devastating to victims and in particular, children” said Central Falls Mayor Maria Rivera. “Violent situations, from disputes to sexual assault, require a very delicate response. FSRI’s partnership let’s our police focus on safety, while the Go Team helps our families receive the necessary services and support to move forward. Thank you, Congressman Cicilline, for prioritizing funding for this program, and to our urban police departments and Go Team – thank you for all of your important work to support victims and their families.”

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