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Millenials Professional Group of Rhode Island Invades Pawtucket

Pawtucket - Thursday night at Murphy's Law, Congressman Cicilline, Mayor Grebien and Councilor Cano met with the Millennial Professional Group of Rhode Island to engage the ever growing force that is the Millennial Generation.

MPGRI is a newly founded non-profit committed to reversing the trend of talented millennials leaving Rhode Island. MPGRI knows that in order to accomplish this vision, it will take every city and town to work together to keep our young talent here.

At the meet and greet Congressman Cicilline, Mayor Grebien, and Councilor Cano each spoke on their dedication to helping Millennials thrive in RI. The event, dubbed "MPGRI Invades Pawtucket" was the first event in the MPGRI Invades series which is designed to bridge the gap between Millennials and local community stakeholders. Through their cooperation and community engagement, they hope to help Millennials Choose RI as their place to live, work and grow.

“Pawtucket wants young professionals here. We value the innovation, energy and motivation that come with youth. We want to capture the energy that millennials bring to the table here and use it as an example of what you young visionaries have to offer to our state and the economy,” said Mayor Grebien addressing the group. “We want to be a destination for people your age and we want you all to Join the Evolution that is going on here in this great city,” continued Mayor Grebien. 

Pawtucket City Councilor Sandra Cano also spoke to the group about a new initiative she is spearheading with MPGRI called “Crash Pawtucket”. Under this initiative, Councilor Cano, along with members of MPGRI, will patronize one local business each month to introduce new people to the business and help spur economic activity at that location. “Small businesses are the backbone of our economy,” said Cano. “By supporting these businesses we are not only highlighting locations that people might not have otherwise known of, but we are also able to demonstrate to others how proud we are of Pawtucket’s local businesses owners.”

“There is a lot to like about Pawtucket,” said Dylan Conley of MPGRI. “Mayor Grebien and Councilor Cano certainly make a compelling pitch for Pawtucket as a destination to millennials and young professionals,” stated Conley. “I know a lot eyes were opened tonight,” he added.

For more information about Millennial Professional Group of Rhode Island, the group can be found on their website, http://www.millennialri.com as well as Facebook and Twitter.

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