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Pawtucket’s Business Recycling Program Gains Popularity in Business Community

Environmentally responsible approach also has added financial benefits to Pawtucket

On June 6th, Pawtucket’s recycling program was expanded to include the small business community. Earlier this morning, Mayor Donald R. Grebien paid a visit to some of the small businesses that have signed up to participate in the program to gain valuable feedback from them.

The Mayor visited Tessier’s Paint & Hardware located at 837 Central Avenue, Ama’s Variety at 957 Main Street, and Foolproof Brewery at 241 Grotto Ave #1. All three businesses have already found the value in enrolling in the pilot program. “The program improves our bottom line by not paying to have recyclables in the dumpster,” stated Bud Tessier, Owner and Proprietor of Tessier’s Paint & Hardware. Because of the volume of cans and cardboard that used, Foolproof Brewery has utilizes five recycling carts, the maximum currently available under the program.  

“If you are a small business and currently pay dumpster fees, filling the dumpster with items such as cans or cardboard boxes that could be recycled, is not in your best interest as a business owner,” said Mayor Grebien. “Now, those items can be placed in the recycling bin which is not only the environmentally responsible thing to do, but frees up dumpster space for non-recyclable items, and helps the city’s bottom line,” continued the Mayor.   

Pawtucket’s recycling rate is already tops in the state for curbside recycling among communities with more than 10,000 residences. Just three short years ago, the City’s recycling rate was at 17%. Thanks to improvements in operations and automated recycling collection, as well as the willing participation of Pawtucket’s residents, the City increased its recycling rate to over 31%. The increase in recycling enables the City to receive additional reimbursements from Rhode Island Resource Recovery. Those figures will only continue to grow with the recent expansion to the business community.

Businesses that participate in this new program will be eligible to receive a recycling cart free of charge. If businesses require additional recycling carts, up to four additional carts may be obtained through the City’s 50/50 cost-sharing program at a cost to the business of $30.00 each. Recycling carts will continue to be picked up bi-weekly on their regularly scheduled recycling day. Normal recycling rules will still apply. Paper, cardboard, plastic, glass bottles and glass jars are all recyclable under this program. Carts must be placed curbside and free from obstructions to ensure timely collection.

“This is truly a fine example of what can be achieved when the public sector and the private sector work in partnership for the betterment of the community,” said Grebien. To enroll in the City’s Business Recycling Program, interested parties are encouraged to visit the city website at The complete terms and conditions of the business recycling program can be found on the signup form located at the bottom of the Public Works Department page. 

“I strongly encourage Pawtucket’s small businesses to take advantage of the program and help contribute to Pawtucket’s sustainability, as well as their own bottom line,” said the Mayor.

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