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Pawtucket and New England Institute of Technology Agree to Bring New University Opportunities to Residents

Pawtucket and New England Institute of Technology Agree to Bring New University Opportunities to Residents

New England Institute of Technology to establish a new University Resource Center

PAWTUCKET- New England Institute of Technology (NEIT) has announced its agreement with the City of Pawtucket, Boys & Girls Club of Pawtucket (BGCP) and Pawtucket Central Falls Development (PCFD) to provide greater access to higher learning opportunities for students and adult learners in Pawtucket. NEIT is establishing a Pawtucket presence with a new University Resource Center downtown at 2 Bayley Street, a property owned by PCFD.

The University Resource Center will be the point at which Pawtucket students can embark on a dedicated shuttle to the NEIT campuses in Warwick and East Greenwich. The new Center will provide a shuttle waiting area, house a community meeting space and a student lounge. NEIT will offer information sessions for students, their families, and friends as well as prospective students.

NEIT has worked with the City to engage civic and education leaders to develop community awareness of the coming program.

“We are thrilled to be working with New England Institute of Technology to provide this opportunity to Pawtucket residents,” said Mayor Donald R. Grebien. “Having that presence here in our City will provide a more accessible and flexible higher learning and technical experience to Pawtucket. Thank you to New England Institute of Technology and the affiliates we have in the Boys & Girls Club, PCFD, the City Council, and the School Department for helping to promote this opportunity.”

“Our objective is to help Pawtucket students attain a university degree and to pursue their career passions,” said Alan Resnick, NEIT’s Vice President for Strategic Planning. “We are grateful for the opportunity to engage Pawtucket young people and adult learners in the enterprise of learning, qualifying for well-paying jobs and continuing to build a strong and vibrant Pawtucket community. This is a very exciting moment for Pawtucket and for New England Institute of Technology.”

NEIT’s program also offers pre-high school age students inspirational, immersive, and exciting activities and experiences to help them see the purpose in learning through visits to the NEIT campuses, activity days with the BGCP and the Dare to Dream Ranch in Foster. NEIT is

working with BGCP to engage families on the importance of post-high school opportunities once they graduate.

“We are excited to be a part of this effort and for the opportunity to provide our youth with a well-rounded experience that applies to their everyday lives,” said James R. Hoyt, CEO of BGCP. “Our Club’s Workforce Development Program ensures that youth will be able to learn essential soft skills, build confidence, and gain work related experience – experiences that will be possible thanks to these incredible community partners.”

New England Tech offers enrollment opportunities to Pawtucket high school students, graduates and adult learners interested in advancing their education with a New England Tech degree. NEIT also offers high school students the opportunity to enroll in the All Course Network, which provides college credits, along with college-readiness coaching, technical camps, internships, and real-world preparation for employment opportunities.

“PCFD is proud to have NEIT open their new University Resource Center in our building at 2 Bayley Street in Downtown Pawtucket,” said Pawtucket Central Falls Development’s Executive Director Linda Weisinger. “This exciting new partnership will offer higher education to all who thought it was unattainable. The presence of NEIT will introduce community members to a career pathway of economic mobility.”

NEIT is preparing to enroll students for the Spring 2022 term and has begun to work with the Pawtucket School Department on this initiative to engage with the high school age students.

Residents are encouraged to apply at, call 401-739-5000, or email for more information.


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