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Pawtucket Announces Parking Locations in Case of Snow

PAWTUCKET – With the incoming winter months, the city of Pawtucket has provided rules for a snow ban parking advisory that will take effect in the event of a snowstorm, including a list of public parking locations where residents may leave their vehicles while on-street parking bans remain in effect.

“It is important for residents to be aware of potential parking bans, but also to provide options for alternative parking locations for us to clear the roads after a storm” said Mayor Donald Grebien. “This process needs to be a partnership. The faster we can get cars off the street, the more efficient our plows can be. We thank you for your cooperation.”

The city will typically declare a winter storm emergency if there is a forecast of two or more inches of snow. Once a winter storm emergency has been declared, an on-street parking ban will be put into effect on all city streets. All vehicles must be moved off the street at that time.

The parking ban will be posted on local radio and television broadcasts and on the city website. Residents can also sign up for call, email, and text alerts through the City’s CodeRed system.

During snow parking bans, parking will be available throughout the city in the following lots:


  • Morley Field off Moshassuck Street
  • Veterans Park Ball Field off Smithfield Avenue
  • Nathanael Greene School, 285 Smithfield Ave.
  • Baldwin School, 50 Whitman St.
  • Slater/Cunningham School, 281 Mineral Spring Ave.
  • St. Anthony’s Church, 32 Lawn Ave.
  • Marrin & Pine Street lot
  • George & Grace Street lot
  • Varieur School, 486 Pleasant St.
  • Max Read Field off Pleasant Street
  • Humes & Broad Street lot
  • City Hall off Roosevelt Avenue
  • Third level only of Parking Garage, Park Place


  • Broadway and Exchange Street lot
  • Agnes Little School (back) Ashburn Street lot
  • Winters School, 481 Broadway
  • Curvin McCabe School, 466 Cottage St.
  • Curtis School, 582 Benefit St.
  • Daggett Ave Thomlinson Field lot
  • Potter-Burns School, 973 Newport Ave.
  • Whittier & Newport Avenue lot
  • Littlefield Street and Armistice Boulevard lot
  • Fallon School, 62 Lincoln Ave.
  • Newport Avenue lot beside the fire station
  • Slater Park ball field parking lots

A number-coded map showing all alternate off-street parking locations in the city is available here

All vehicle owners are required by city ordinance to move their vehicles out of the designated municipal parking areas within two (2) hours of a parking ban being lifted or face towing and storage charges and a fine of $100.

According to city ordinance, the owner, occupant or other responsible person shall have snow and ice removed from a sidewalk intended for pedestrians no later than the first 12 hours of daylight after the end of a snowstorm. Violations are subject to fines beginning at $25 for a first offense.


Contact: Grace Voll


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