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Engineering Division

Who We Are

The Engineering Division consists of the following staff members:

  • Chief of Project Development: Vacant
  • GIS Coordinator:  Emily Morse
  • Phone: 401-728-0500 ext. 240

What We Do

The Engineering Division’s mission is to help the City and its partners make informed decisions affecting the City’s infrastructure.  We provide three distinct types of service that support this mission: 

  1. Administer Programs 
  2. Plan, Manage, and/or Support Construction Projects
  3. Manage and Provide Access to Information 

Program Management

The Engineering Division administers several programs to help fulfill a variety of DPW goals and responsibilities, as outlined below. 

Stormwater Improvements Maintenance Videos:


i. Stormwater Program

The City owns and operates what is known as a municipal separate storm sewer system, or MS4.  This system reduces flooding throughout the City by carrying stormwater runoff into rivers and streams.  A permit from the RI Department of Environmental Management (RIDEM) is required to operate this system, and this permit requires that the City take steps to clean the polluted stormwater runoff before it is discharged.  The short video below helps explain why this is necessary, and describes the programs we offer (see below) to City residents and businesses to help clean our stormwater.  

You can also review the DPW’s annual report to the RIDEM regarding its stormwater system management performance here:  Storm Water Report

Finally, because homeowners are our single most valuable partner in reducing pollution of our rivers, here is a list of ten things you can do you to help lessen the impact of stormwater runoff at your property: 

ii. Free Tree Program

Planting trees is one of the smartest things a City can do.  Trees provide an impressive array of benefits, including: 

  • Reduce flooding
  • Beautify neighborhoods
  • Improve air quality
  • Help cool neighborhoods by reducing the “urban heat island effect”
  • Increase habitat availability for beneficial organisms
  • Improve mental health 

DPW plants trees in the sidewalks in front of private property at no cost to the property owner.  You can request a tree or multiple trees using the application found here:  Free Tree Application 

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iii. Free Rain Barrel Program

Rain Barrels are an easy way for residents to reduce the amount of runoff that leaves their property during a rainstorm.  Doing so creates numerous benefits for the City and the resident, including:  

  • Reduce pollution of the City’s rivers and Narragansett Bay
  • Relieve stress on the City’s drainage system and lower its maintenance costs
  • Save money on your water and sewer bills by using the water collected in your rain barrel to water your grass or garden

You can request a free rain barrel using the application found here:  Free Rain Barrel Application  

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iv. 50-50 Sidewalk Program

When the DPW is petitioned to repair or construct new sidewalks in the City, City Ordinances require that one half of the total construction cost is assessed to the abutting property owner.  In 2017, property owners’ share of construction cost averaged $60 per foot of sidewalk in locations where both concrete and curb required replacement.  Costs vary pending the actual scope of work, which DPW determines following a formal estimating process.  

Please find the application to participate in this program here: 50-50 Sidewalk Application 

Project Management

The Engineering Division helps manage the process of maintaining and improving the City's infrastructure, public buildings, and other assets.  We do this by providing technical advice and review of projects delivered by others (e.g. private developers, public utilities), and managing delivery of DPW’s own capital improvement projects.  Our Project Management team has delivered over 50 projects in the last five years alone, including the notable examples below.

Max Reed Field Slater Park Pavilion

Redevelopment of Max Read Field

Slater Park Pavilion

Blackstone River Wall Improvements
and Bike Path at City Hall

Playground at Agnes Little Elementary School

Main Street Bridge Improvements

Slater Park Disc Trail

Information Management & Mapping

The Engineering Division is responsible for creating, storing, updating, and sharing several types of information. Below is a summary of the information we manage, and instructions for accessing it.

i. Maintain Tax Assessor's Plats and Zoning Maps

    • PDF copies of the Assessor’s Plats are available here: Assessors Plat Maps
    • PDF copies of the Zoning Maps are available here: Zoning Maps
    • You can also find information on taxes, zoning, and other property features using our web-based information sharing system: MapGeo  This system also allows users to generate abutters lists, maps and perform a host of other useful tasks.

ii. Maintain Plans of City Assets

    • We maintain record plan information of City-owned sewer mains, storm drains, sewer service connections, streets, sidewalks, bridges, buildings, and other City-owned property.  Requests for this information can be submitted by mail or email using the “Request for Information Form” on the left side of this page. 

iii. GIS Mapping Support

    • Our GIS Coordinator provides GIS mapping support for several City functions.  This includes mapping of various public assets, voting districts, DPW projects, etc. Please visit our City Maps webpage to access maps of City infrastructure and other features.  


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